Email Deliverability Manager III @ZoomInfo

Valeriy Benidze
Marketer | iot

Deliverability expert & currently an Email Deliverability Manager for ZoomInfo. Serves as an authority on client-facing systems.

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A Brief History

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In A Nutshell

I was born in Moscow, during the Soviet Union. I fled through a refugee program with a portion of my family to the United States in 1992. Most of my relatives remain in the Republic of Georgia to this day.

My formative years were spent in Richmond, Virginia. This is where I first embraced American culture. I completed my Middle to High School education in Concord, New Hampshire. My BA in Digital Modeling and Design was earned during my decade in Tempe, Arizona.

I co-founded an indie game company, Half Empty Studios shortly after graduating from UAT. Our team created ‘Chemical Cubes’, a captivating color-matching puzzle game made to stimulate focus.

I found my current calling after pivoting into SAAS services at GoDaddy Inc; where I helped thousands of unique clients in the SMB space establish their online presence.

I left GoDaddy in 2017 and returned to New England, moving to the Boston Metro Area. I took a more specialized position as a Marketing Engagement Specialist at Constant Contact.

I joined ZoomInfo as a client services analyst in 2019 and currently serve as a Deliverability Manager. This role has allowed me to merge my passion for domain-based technology with my expertise in managing client relationships.

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Valeriy Benidze with grandfather, republic of Georgia
Baby Me, Republic of Georgia
fallout digital video crew
Team set photo: UAT short film, ‘Fallout’.
early beta screenshots of 'Chemical Cubes'.
Beta Screenshots of ‘Chemical Cubes’


Bachelor of Arts in Digital Modeling and Design,
University of Advancing Technology (UAT), 2007-2010

General Studies,
NHTI Community College, 2005-2007

Certifications & Achievements

Klaviyo Deliverability Certificate
Klaviyo Deliverability
Email Deliverability 2024: Best practices and tactics certificate
Udemy Email Deliverability Best Practices & Tactics 2024
ZoomInfo Sales Certificate
ZoomInfo Sales
ZoomInfo Engage Certified
ZoomInfo Engage

Blue Belt – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Kimura BJJ, Watertown MA
Through BJJ, I’ve learned discipline, resilience, and humility. I find a sense of belonging and support on the mats; friendships that extend beyond training. BJJ has taught me to confront challenges with courage and to always strive for improvement, both on and off the mats.

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